Benefits of Networking with the World of Safety Professionals through Social Media to Support Knowledge Sharing

Hello dear Safety Professionals

I’m Bapi Sarkar from Mumbai India.
I’m a Former Construction Worker currently pursuing NEBOSH & to become a certified Safety Professional is my Dream.
But right now I do not have any bachelor degree which is required by the BCSP board to be eligible for CSP Certification.
Planning to take admission for a bachelor degree in an online regionally accredited university in Mumbai.

(Stream : in FIRE and Safety Engineering 6years of program )

Learning through social networking is very useful for me because I have been continuously learning a lot about our Safety profession by creating several HSE related Group on whatsapp. And I think this is the main reason social media has become so common is because of its quick access. Anyone can know virtually anything he desires if enough time and effort are put into finding that info…

So with the help of Social media a Construction Worker also can able change the Life that he dreamt of through the guidance and support from all of the seniors Safety Pros like you All here..

Currently I’m running a Group called CSP just to support All of BCSP Aspirants where we have BCSP Director , Ambassador, Mentors , Trainers and some senior
CSP certificant also.

Like, Joey Garza (CSP) , Brandy Bossle (CSP , ASP)

So here’s the basic question is that from where I got to know about CSP which is Gold standard Safety Certification .. the answer is from Social media WhatsApp group which is created by one of my friend Mr Vinistal Lucas.

And then I have also created a HSE related group called LSTC and by sharing the link of the group on some United States based Safety Professionals Facebook group.I got to meet with a Joey Garza Mam a CSP certificant.

There are few more names but Brandy Bossle and Abby Ferri is one of them are special I met with them on Twitter.

First interaction with a CSP certificant was Joey Garza I met with her on whatsapp group and Brandy Bossle on Twitter.

And the first question I asked to both that was…⬇

Can a worker become a Certified Safety Professional..?

Joey Mam’s replyed was that , “Yes ofcourse”.

Brandy Bossle replyed was that, “If you put your mind and soul Everything is Possible”

And then One day prior to create CSP group on whatsapp I thought that To become a Certified Safety Professional is my Dream and this CSP Certification can be dream/Goal for other folks also.. and
It can be interesting to achieve together… that’s why I created that group.

So this is how Social media changing my life…even being able write this article too .

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